My Bill For Designing The Posters

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For creating the graphic designed posters I’m going to charge £15/per hour as I’m just starting as a graphic designer and having a bill this low will allow me to gain more industry experience over the next few years.

Designing these three posters took around seven hours (including the improved from feedback versions)
Therefore the total cost for my time designing is £105




Source of information:


Printing The Posters – Cost and Retail Selling Price

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Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 13.21.53

By using the website I was able to establish a cost for printing ONE THOUSAND copies of any of my poster designs. I made sure to add the actual size of my posters into this quote calculator, I then choose the quality of material I went with high quality photo paper and choose a standard gloss for the lamination.

To get the cheapest price I choose the latest date of delivery which as you can see is the 2nd of July, where the total price is £4,661.55

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 13.22.01


I then made some calculations so I could work out how much each individual poster cost to print.

Total Cost ÷ Total Amount = Cost Per Individual Poster

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 13.34.54


The price for one poster to be printed is £4.66 (rounded up)
The standard price for posters as big as ours, on websites and in shops like HMV (where the posters will mainly be sold when not at gaming expos) is between £3.99 and £14.99 this is good because the cost of printing a poster is quite low so to make a profit that would be satisfactory we would have to sell our posters at around £6.99  which is the average price for posters, as you can see below in a screenshot from

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 13.45.35

Marketing Presentation Evaluation

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After Effects Test

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This tested effect is of a videos animated transition into view.



This effect makes the video blurry.

Keying and Transparency

This video shows the implants of an explosion and blood timed to when the man is forced back and falls down.


Motion Tracking

This video shows an example of motion tracking which I made, the speech buble moves with the speaker, by tracking points.


Time Remapping

This video has been put into slow motion.


Hunted – Jan 2013

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Animation from Early 2013

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Bomb video from 2012

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