AO4 Hunger Games: Catching Fire Design Drafts’ Feedback From Owen Sherwood

The feedback I have received is from the professional illustrator Owen Sherwood, i have included a link to his website so you can see his very impressive work I especially like this illustration of a fox from his children’s book.



Owen liked the propaganda art poster feel about this draft, crisp and clear “with her in her battle armour”. He suggested that i move her further down so that the label wouldn’t block so much of her. When I suggested that I could have the flag on fire to symbolise her fight against the Capital, he leapt at the idea had suggested that I have the bottom half already burnt off.


Owen liked this cover he thought it “looked good” and was “cool”. He was very happy with the blend of colours I had used as they harmonise nicely, like with the one before he suggested that I move her further down so that at least more of her eyebrows are showing. As he liked the propaganda art  look I thought I should include the mocking jay symbol in the same style as the capital flag and parade that behind her.



This is Owen and my own’s favourite, its keeping to the guideline that both the class and the little white lies staff keep to which is to be original. Every other drawing from the class which Owen had seen were of main characters Katniss, Peeta and President Snow. The peacekeeper was a refreshing change and Owen liked that. Again he saw that I was trying to show the conflict with the propaganda style setting, “it looks very similar to this shouting, boasting about look at our army look how good we are”.

He made the suggestion that I stand the peacekeeper straight and that I should defiantly move him below the label. He then listed different positions and techniques that I should try; having his head in the centre of the flag, try hand drawing him, see what he looks like zoomed in so only his head and shoulders are showing.

Owen also mentioned that he like the consistent red backgrounds and that the background and peacekeeper brought attention away from the bright label in this design.

The last piece of advise he gave me was that if I use the peacekeeper design for my final cover that I make it cleaner and sharper


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