AO5 Hunger Games: Catching Fire Final Draft Designs









The original draft version i previous posted is on the left the new version which I have created is on the right.

In the new version I  created a new layer and painted black along the bottom, I then got a bright yellow and orange made the opacity of the pen to 58% and sketched around the edges of the black bottom and the black holes. To make it look like a flame I used the smudge tool and smudged the colours together. I thought it needed some bits of flag that had been brunt off and were falling down. So I duplicated the background flag and using the lasso got two bits of the flag, I then warped them and did the same fire effect i had just down. For the embers in the air i just drew some separate circules in one colour, then i went over them in the other colour and used the smudge tool, on some of them the red of the flag blurred in making the embers smaller both this worked out to look better then the circle ones.









On the edited version of this draft I simply made the mocking jay symbol and put it on the flag, if I had more time I would of done a better job on the symbol then this but I ran out of time and as it is a draft it is only to see the basic look of the designs.










As I have chosen to continue to do the peacekeeper for my actual cover I thought I would show all the different versions which Owen suggested that I do. First is in the top right and is simply lower down. The second is bellow on the left and for this one I have zoomed in so that only the peacekeeper’s head and shoulder are visible. The one in the bottom right is my final version and for this one I have only lowered him a little bit and I have also rotated him slightly to the right so that he looks more straight and more central in the entire cover.




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